Friday, August 04, 2006


It was really a great day for me. Receiving my degree from my idol was something like dream coming true. Prof. Raj Reddy, the first turing award winner from Asia, doesn’t need any introduction for the people in computer’s field. He is a world-renowned researcher in artificial intelligence, robotics, and human-computer interaction. He was also awarded the Padma Bhushan by India in 2001 and the Legion of Honor by President François Mitterrand of France in 1984. It is really a great honor to receive the degree from his hands.

By the way, now i am the master of technology.(M.Tech) ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Man is a social creature. It is this virtue of man that makes him to interact with his fellow human beings, to spend time with them, to share with them and above all to fall in LOVE with them. "LOVE" the tendermost feeling on earth, the essence of life ( for some ), the music of nature ( surely pepole who say this, have got a very bad taste of music ) and blah blah blah! Since time immemorial, this buzzword "LOVE" have been used meticulously to fool the innocents. Take any greaaaaaaatt love it Romeio-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha or for that matter any love story...........what was the result. It's one and same for all.........the poor guy, who had been desperately seeking for love, enchanted by her beauty ( makeup ) and grilled by her father , tries to do some crazy thing and then after dies. The story is over. The love is nowhere and more so the boy is nowhere to realise this. The worst part of the story is, we innocent guys have been scapegoated from the very existence of human kind, we have been made to bear the fury of world and endless other sufferings. BUT ........the one who is responsible for all this, always escapes unsoiled, to find yet another "bakra".

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I waz too busy with all the placements stuff. So my page was out of updation from a long time.

Haa ..some of the news here....

I got in to IBM and CA.

Many of my classmates got in to gud comapnies..

Let me give the entire list ...






GIRIDHAR K N Thorogood Associates Microsoft






GOOGLE Connexent









SAURABH KHANNA Delloite Novell






It waz really a great placements to M.Tech CS. We rocked. There were 3 big companies where the M.Tech just grabbed each and every job.

Any way the placements season was near to end and my job is nearly done.
Haa.. coming to movies... will talk about it later... ;)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Hurray!! i got two offers... one from IBM and the other one from ca :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hmm... Load of movies all these days...

Hmm.cant go with the reviews as i dont have much time... But let me write a few words abt them...

Saving Private Ryan -- ***** (top class)
Tom hanks is damn gud in this flick

Enemy at the gates --- *****
Richard harry was suppose to be the villan of the movie, but i wuld say that he is better than jude law. He suited dam well for the role of a german sharp shooter. Jude law is ok. Rachel is also fine.

Forest Gump ---- *****
I culd give 100% for this flick. The sole reason for this movie to be that gud is "Tom Hanks". He is damn damn gud. I cant find any words to describe his superb performance. His voice ......... excellent. His mannerisms .... superb. His acting ....... (no words man). He is absolutely the best actor present now in the world. No doubt abt it.

Catch me if u can --- *****
Very hilarious, but a great movie. Again Tom Hanks rocks. Decaprio is also great.

Phone booth --- *****
Damn gud movie. I donno how these hollywod ppl get such ideas of making these films, wher bollywood is stuck with romantic flicks.

No Entry ---- ***
A gud movie. Worth a watch for anil,salman and lara.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A short note on Band of Brothers....

Shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, young men from all walks of life flooded recruiting offices to defend their country. Some volunteered for a daring new elite unit the paratroops. Formed in July 1942, the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army molded civilians into soldiers at Camp Toccoa, Ga. But only a fraction of those who started training were able to finish it, and those who did were "the cream of the cream." In September 1943, after 15 months of training, Easy Co. and their fellow paratroopers boarded the ship Samaria in New York for the long voyage to England; some veterans recall wondering, as they passed the Statue of Liberty, if theyd ever see it again. Many Easy Co. men would not over the next two years, the unit sustained 150% casualties as they dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy on D-Day, fought for the liberation of Holland, held the line in the Battle of the Bulge, and captured Hitlers mountaintop retreat, Eagles Nest, in Bavaria. Through it all, each veteran recalls that his reliance on his brothers-in-arms is the reason any of them made it back alive. For their repeated acts of courage and bravery, the entire division, as well as individual soldiers, earned multiple citations, including the Purple Heart, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Distinguished Service Cross. In 1998 and 1999, director-producer Mark Cowen and writer-producer Will Richter had been going over ideas for a World War II documentary, and subsequently became aware of the "Band of Brothers" miniseries project during a pitch meeting with Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzmans production company, Playtone. Cowen proposed seeking out veterans of Easy Co. for background research for the miniseries, and making a companion documentary. They initially contacted former company commander Richard Winters and veteran Bill Guarnere, both of whom had been responsible over the years for keeping track of other veterans. Winters and Guarnere spread the word among their comrades, and for the next two years, Cowen and his crew travelled to 30 U.S. and ten European cities, as well as to annual Easy Co. reunions, creating an "on-camera oral history" of Easy Co., comprising stories not in historian Stephen E. Ambroses book, and in many cases, never told to the veterans own families. Cowen also accompanied veterans Guarnere and "Babe" Heffron on their emotional return to the forest battlefield at Bastogne, where Easy held the line REAL-LIFE VETERANS 3 in the Battle of the Bulge and Guarnere lost his leg. All told, Cowen shot almost 200 hours of interviews with 44 veterans, and some of their family members. "This has been a life-changing experience," says Cowen. "It wasnt just a project." More than half a century after World War II, the bonds shared by the men of Easy Co. remain strong. "You know those people better than you will ever know anybody in your life," notes veteran Shifty Powers. Every year since 1946, they and their families gather for a reunion, reaffirming their unique ties to each other. As for Easy Companys legacy, veteran C. Carwood Lipton asserts, "Every army unit thinks its the best. But we knew we were the best." WE STAND ALONE TOGETHER.The series is directed by Mark Cowen; written by William Richter; executive producers, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg; co-executive producers, Gary Goetzman and Tony To; produced by Mark Cowen and William Richter; music composed by Jeff Pfeifer and Rob Pfeifer

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

As i promised before, here comes more of my reviews on the next episodes of Band of Brother series

The Patrol ....(****1/2)

This is the story after german forces have been defeted at most parts of the world. With the war perhaps winding down, Easy Company is then moved into an Alsacian town near the German border. Still on the front line, the men get to sleep in houses, just across a small river from German forces doing the same thing. They are asked to send a patrol across the river to take some Germans prisoner, an assignment no one wants to be picked from. Except Lt. HANK JONES, fresh in from West Point and eager for combat experience. He's put in charge of 2nd platoon, alongside Sgt. DON MALARKEY ,who is still broken up about losing so many friends at Bastogne. When Malarkey is picked to lead the patrol, Jones asks to go in his place, and Capt. WINTERS okays it. Also getting the call is Pvt. DAVID WEBSTER (Eion Bailey), our narrator, returning to the company after having missed all of Bastogne for a wound. He finds it's not so easy to gain the acceptance of his old buddies. In the end, the patrol is successful in retrieving two prisoners, but Easy loses a man killed. The way they have picturised the patrol was really superb and the blitzkrieg that goes on the city in which they stay is also shown well. Seeing all this, Winters disobeys an order to send a second patrol the next night. All in all a good movie to watch...

Why We fight *****

This is one of the best one in the series. In this, Easy Company finally enters Germany, where they find no resistance, and begin kicking residents out of their homes for the night so they can sleep. It is really a bad thing to do. But it is germany because of which hey needed to wage such a war. They find the "enemy" to be industrious and not much different from them, and the veterans enjoy a chance to relax and even "fraternize" with the locals. Maj. WINTERS is concerned about his friend Capt. NIXON, who returns from a disastrous combat jump with another unit, cynical about the war and drinking heavily. After getting news that President Roosevelt has died, Easy heads out to another German town, from which Winters sends a small patrol into a forest. The patrol finds an abandoned concentration camp, with hundreds of emaciated and still imprisoned inmates, mostly Jewish -- a surprise to Winters and everyone else. The director has nearly brought the concentrations camps back to our sight. It was really sympathetic to watch such things. The Company start to feed and release them, but then are ordered to herd them back into the camp so that their recovery can be monitored. This was done by a soldier who knows german. He couldnt control his feelings when he asks the ppl to go back to the concentration camps. Then they supervise the cleanup of the camp and its many corpses by the disgusted local citizenry -- who disavow prior knowledge of its existence. Atlast they get the news that Hitler has killed himself.

I still need to watch the last part... Lets see wats there in store for me.